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Screen Printed Electrode

New highly sensitive flexible screen printed electrode (SPE) designed and developed for possible applications in chemical, biological and environmental species detection. The electrodes were screen-printed on a flexible polyester film using conducting inks.

Salient Features

  1. The electrode is developed using a flexible polyester film substrate support material to make a highly sensitive electromechanical sensor. 

  2. It is an indigenously developed, easy to fabricate, low cost electrode in comparison to commercially available expensive imported electrode. 

  3. Experimental results are reliable and stable 

  4. Wide scope of contribution to the other relevant supported projects like “MEMS based immune sensor for the determination of antigen”.



Size of SPE : 45mm by 11mm, 200µm thick

Working Electrode: 4mm diameter

Working Electrode: Carbon

Counter Electrode: Carbon

Reference Electrode:  Silver/Silver Chloride

Support Material: Flexible Polyester  Film

Ideal for Working: 50µl sample



Detection of redox 

Chemical analyte detection*

  e.g. Heavy metals in food and beverages, drinking water etc.

Bio-molecular species detection*

  e.g. antigen, antibody, DNA detection in pathological lab

 *with  some modification of  the electrode surface  by specific receptor


     Download Brochure in pdf